In this two-day workshop at 1Umut Association, human rights activists, lawyers, urban planners, academics and students formed collaboration groups to built variety of graphs. Selected work from the workshop with short explanations, photos, and graph screenshots are listed below:

“TV series graph” was built through a survey asking the workshop participants the first five TV series they remember from their childhood. The resulting graph captures our collective memory of the once upon a time popular TV drama in Turkey.

“Neighborhood similarity graph” was built based on a workshop survey on the neighborhoods and districts we go frequently. Two graphs were extracted, one based on ages, other based on occupations. While obvious public transportation hubs are central in the graph, peripheral districts were mostly visited by younger participants.

“Map of the Mimar Sinan University Department of Urban Planning academic interests” was built by the faculty members based on public data in their department.

“Çevre Davalarında Azlık Oyları” Yapımı devam eden bu harita, Türkiye İdari Yargısının Çevre ve Planlama Hukuku alanında verdiği kararlardaki -çoğunlukla hukukun gelişiminde önemli bir yerde duran- Azlık Oylar üzerinden bir okuma çabasından ibaret.

Below is some great moments from the workshop.