In a one-day workshop at Atolye Istanbul, designers, architects, urban planners, and students built variety of graphs both individually and in groups. Selected work from the workshop with short explanations, photos, and graph screenshots are listed below:

“News Graph: Network of actors and concepts that set the daily agenda in everyday news” was built as a prototype based on the content analysis of the last news articles from Turkey in Google News. Political actors, institutions, events and certain relationships between them extracted to build a semantic graph of daily news. Resulting graph clearly shows us which actors dominate our daily agenda, who are at the secondary and third levels of dominance, indirect links between the events, and which topics stay peripheral in the news.

“Graph of the court cases opened by the Chambers of Urban Planners in Turkey” was an exercise almost like a sister of Networks of Dispossession project. The court cases on certain construction projects were traced and companies as well as contracting government institutions’ relations were revealed.

“What ingredients are commonly used in Turkish Kitchen” is a graph that shows the common ingredients used in popular Turkish cuisine. Not surprisingly, “salça”/”tomato paste”, onion and salt are the main bridges between the dishes, whereas “basil” is quite an outlier.

“Network of urban functionalities around public libraries in Istanbul”, created by architecture students is a graph model to analyze the surrounding urban ecosystem of public libraries in Istanbul. By just glancing at this graph, we immediately see that most of the time there is a mosque around a public library, but rarely a museum.

“Restaurants Graph: Similarities between the workshop participants’ food orders”, was built as an exercise to examine and predict the future food orders of the workshop participants.

“Network of psychology theories and their founders”, a graph built to understand the prominent theories in psychology and their founding scientists.

Other great moments from the workshop: