Today, we are excited to announce 3 updates on Graph Commons. We think these improvements will make your network mapping and exploring experience more intuitive.


1. Node views

Nodes are not just those small dots you see on a network map, they can contain rich information, which is used for filtering, analysis, and telling compelling stories. Node views (cards, panels, pages) are redesigned to be consistent and to display complex attributes beautifully.

View an updated node

2. Graph categories

So far, more than five thousand members created thousands of graphs about a variety of topics on Graph Commons. To make this diversity more discoverable, we categorized graphs into broad themes as “Politics”, “Culture”, “Life”, “Tech”, “Business”. This is just a start, eventually, everyone will be able to tag their graphs.

Explore graph categories

3. Hubs as data portals

Hubs on Graph Commons are used by organizations. We gave the hub landing pages a highly customizable and informative new layout so that your community can find the most relevant information quickly and explore your dataset seamlessly.

Dedicated search box is the entry point into your dataset.
Guide your visitors with customized placeholder text and one-click suggested search terms.

Featured nodes on the sidebar are the top 10 nodes based on a relevancy score of how much a node is used in a hub graph and how connected it is in the hub.

Discover hubs

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