We are very excited to announce our new private graphs feature. You can now collaborate on private graphs with any of our paid plans.

Graph Commons is always free to use for public projects. We think this will allow us to build a sustainable platform while supporting the public domain.

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What’s new

In the past month, we’ve launched exciting new features that will improve your mapping experience at Graph Commons and help you better make sense of complex networks.

1. Better layouts for your graphs


Force Atlas 2 algorithm is so far the most useful algorithm for organizing complex network layouts. You can now use it on Graph Commons –from the Layout Settings– for your large graphs and have more clear and readable network layouts.

2. Filters


Applying filters to a graph was the most frequently asked feature, so that you can have different point of views for your multivariate network maps. Now, you can view any graph filtered by node types, properties, and centrality metrics. Here are some examples:
– Show the actors in Berlin, age in 20 and 30 range,
– Hide all the actors who do not have an address,
– Show only the most connected actors from 1990 to 2015.

3. Import your data faster and smarter


We completely revamped the graph saving process. You can now import a large spreadsheet in seconds. And, with the new merge panel review what you’re about to import and decide if you want to merge incoming data with the already existing data types you may have.

4. Embed interactive graphs


Embed interactive graphs in your blogs and websites with custom size. An embedded graph is displayed as is like on Graph Commons, except the editing features. You can also enable fullscreen embedded graphs on your own website.

5. Capture and share graph images


Capture a section or entirety of your graph and download it as hi-res printable SVG file or share as PNG image on the email and social media. Your selections are always deeplinked to its location within the graph. So when someone clicks on your shared link, they directly go to the nodes that you highlighted within the graph.

Go ahead try these features:

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We hope that you will spend some time browsing current graphs and creating new ones. Feel free to share anything you create or find.

We welcome feedback on your experience. Let us know if you have any questions or comments at contact@graphcommons.com, we’d love to hear from you.

* Cover photograph from 7th Berlin Biennial Graph Commons Workshop, 2012.