We will conduct a two-day workshop focusing on the design and understanding of complex networks through mapping and visual analysis. The workshop will expand current thinking about the network as a creative and critical medium. Workshop participants will use the Graph Commons platform for collaborative mapping, analysis, and as a diagrammatic knowledge base. Mapping will be addressed, discussed, and applied as a situated activist practice related to bodies of existing information and knowledge in databases and elsewhere. The workshop will ask how to map complex networks, how to read those networks with methods such as graph analysis, and will also include practice-based work sketching diagrams, drawing graphs, and more.

Presented in cooperation with Winchester School of Art.

Workshop will take place at HKW, on Feb 3-4 11:00-14:00. Unfortunately we have limited seats and it is sold out!

However, please come to see our talk with Jussi Parikka, where we will cover selected work from the workshop.

The Map is the Territory

Burak Arikan Jussi Parikka
Feb 04 Thursday 16:30 – 17:30
Cafe Stage
Anxious to Act (Free Event)

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